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Becpak Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of high-quality tapes, cartons and plastic packaging. We offer customized solutions for a variety of customer needs, providing reliable packaging for your products.

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The strongest film on the market

Filmbec Infinity film is a revolution in the packaging market. It is the strongest available in Poland and the world. Becpak is the only company in the country offering Filmbec Infinity film with a structure of as many as 55 layers. Tremendous strength and resistance to damage or tearing, make it unrivaled. It is economical and ecological at the same time – definitely more efficient than a standard stretch, saves time and money, plus less waste goes into the environment. Calculations show that Filmbec Infinity film uses up to three times less than standard stretch.

The strongest stretch film

Stronger than any other stretch film available on the market. It is called the film of the future for a reason.

Easy to use

Filmbec Infinity film is easy to use and provides a level of stretch unmatched by any other film up to 350%! Try it out right now!

The most economical

Thanks to its physical properties, Filmbec Infinity film is the most economical of all types of stretch film. In terms of conversion, this film uses up to 3 times less than standard film.

Filmbec Infinity


Above average performance

Filmbec Infinity film is the most economical and super-efficient. The purchase price of the product is higher than traditional film, but it compensates for this with its above-average performance.

In the end, you can save up to 30% on film!

Wrap pallets cheaper now! Request a presentation at your company.


better performance than ordinary film

reduced film consumption by about 50%

resistant to damage and tearing

structure consisting of as many as 55 layers

more efficient


more durable

exclusive distributor in Poland

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